Monday, July 19, 2010

Katmai Trip

Well, I got to go to Katmai National Park on Saturday. Scott, one of the fishermen, flew over with me. It was so gorgeous there! I got to go on a really amazing day too because it was almost 70 and sunny. We had to sit through a bear etiquette class before getting to hike. The class was interesting and we learned that the bears can come within 50 meters of you before you need to back pedal. That seems a little close for my comfort level.  We ran into quite a few bears that were within that distance of us too. Scary, but we survived!

 I hiked up to a place called Brooks Falls and saw upwards of 15 bears in one small concentrated area. It was so crazy to see all of them that close together. We probably got within 100 feet of a few of them. It was a little scary because they would just walk out of trails at you and be totally unfazed. The whole park was beautiful and I got some great pictures. I will try to upload them sometime. The only bad part was that I got eaten alive by White Socks (crazy mosquitoes on steroids). So I have around 30 bites which swell up to the size of a quarter or half dollar. I will be covered in anti-itch cream for the next week probably. (Update: I ended up getting an infection from all of those bites! With no doctor to treat me here my doctor from home sent me some medicine)

I ended up getting to take the whole day off and got back from Katmai at 5pm. I went on a bar tour of King Salmon/Naknek with some of the crew. It was pretty entertaining. I watched a man throw a drink at himself and another man slow dance with a mop. Possibly the funniest bar experience imaginable. The best pick-up line I heard all night was from a seriously intoxicated man who told me, "I may not be able to see straight but you are pretty good looking." So as you can imagine, it was a story-making adventure.

Well, I miss you all very much. I am starting to get a little homesick. August 1st will be a nice time to come home and see everyone :)

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